The best things to Do in Yeosu, South Korea

Yeosu, South Korea

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Exploring all The best things to Do in Yeosu, South Korea in the post. Yeosu- a coastal port city in the South Korean peninsula, is itself a small peninsula consisting of the Yeosu Peninsula and 317 islands, all separated by mountains and sea. Being a storehouse of stunning sights, Yeosu has its own history.

Check Out Markets and Seafood

The best things to Do in Yeosu, South Korea- Check Out Markets and Seafood

The best things to Do in Yeosu- If you’re hungry, you’ll easily find markets filled with people hawking all sorts of good food, cheap clothes, or even home appliances—if you’re lucky. The most active area is around the West Market (서시장 or Suh She Jahng) in the Jungang Dong area. That’s near the Yeosu Coastal Ferry Terminal. Stand on one of the turtle ship walkways and peer down into the adjacent market and just watch it all godown.

Seafood lovers should stop around Yeosu’s Gaejang Street and get some marinated raw crab, which might shock your palettes at first before realizing it’s actually tasty. One of my favorite non-seafood takeaway items was a whole fried rotisserie chicken that’s perfect for a beach day. Just make sure your exercise regiment can prep for the pain that’ll come the next day.

Hang around the Expo

Located just outside the train station, the World Expo is the best fun area in Yeosu where an international exposition took place in 2012. Of all its attractions, those that deserve a special mention are Yeosu Expo Memorial Hall, Yeosu Hanhwa Aqua Planet, and the Big-O show at night. Featuring an ocean fountain event and a hologram show, the Big-O show is a popular show in Yeosu that you shouldn’t miss watching. The fountain spouting around a large round steel frame is accompanied by classic and jazz music.

The Yeosu Expo Memorial Hall, which was the pavilion for the 2012 World’s Fair International Exposition, still stands as a reminisce of the exposition’s effort to promote conservation of nature and protection of the ocean’s environment. Presently it is a museum showcasing Korea’s latest maritime technology. And the last of the trio is Yeosu Hanhwa Aqua Planet, the second largest aquarium in South Korea where the popular drama The Legend of the Blue Seas was filmed. The aquarium exhibits fish species such as the beluga whale and sharks, all of which are caged in huge fish tanks. You may also happen to watch these fishes being fed.

Pick an Island Getaway

Pick an Island Getaway in Yeosu, South Korea

The best things to Do in Yeosu- Whether you’re searching for beaches or the right hike, Yeosu’s packed with over 300 islands that will accommodate everyone! Dolsan is the biggest one. A beautifully ornate bridge connects it and plays a big part in that Yeosu Night View people rave (and even sing) about. At least three ferry terminals will get you to the others. There was even news about getting to Jeju from Yeosu. Island highlights are Geumodo for trekkers and Sado for those in search of some beach time or some dinosaur bones. Geomundo mixes seaside views with a little history but is a bit harder to reach and farther away than the others.

See the Bridge Light Show from Dolsan Park

One of the best nightlife experiences that Yeosu offers is the Bridge Light Show at Dolsan Park. After exhaustive day explorations, you’ll love to spend a relaxing evening by walking around in Dolsan Park. But you must arrive here before sunset in order to see the setting sun from the cable car that will take you up across the ocean and once it gets dark you’ll get to see the illuminated Dolsan Bridge and stunning night scenery of Yeosu from above.

You can get some really nice snaps here. You can stroll the park as long as you want and the fireworks and night lights will not bore you until your legs get weary. To make the most out of it, attend live shows.

Enjoy bathing at Manseongri beach

Enjoy bathing at Manseongri beach
The best things to Do in Yeosu- Enjoy bathing at Manseongri beach

Manseongri, famously known because it is the only “black sand” beach in Korea is located at Manheung-dong in Yeosu. This hot beach is as suitable for sightseeing and photography as bathing. It is locally believed that taking a hot black sand bath here has a healing effect on diseases and neuritis. Perhaps this is because of a legend that insists on every April 20 the black sand cures diseases of those patients who visit the beach on that day.

Nevertheless, it is a quite exotic beach that projects a mesmerizing view of Odongdo Island and the Southern sea. There are small carnival games and fresh seafood restaurants on platforms overlooking the beach where you’ll find delicious blue crab soup. You can also buy fireworks from nearby shops to shoot into the night sky.


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