JBL Quantum One Gaming Headphone Review

JBL Quantum One Gaming Headphone Review

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JBL is jumping into the crowded gaming headset field with its new Quantum line. Since it faces some stiff competition, the company has seemingly packed every feature it could think of into its flagship Quantum One wired headset. It features simulated surround sound, programmable colored lighting, head motion tracking like the Audeze Mobius and HyperX Cloud Orbit S, and even active noise cancellation (a rare feature for gaming headsets). It has a stiff $299.95 price to match that impressive feature list, though, and while it tries a lot of things, it doesn’t really excel at any of them.

JBL Quantum One Gaming Headphone Review

Design & Build Quality

JBL Quantum One - Design

The look and feel of the headphones are sure to impress right out of the box: Despite packing so much audio power, the JBL Quantum One is light and comfortable on the head, never feeling like it’s weighing you down or hurting your neck.

Aesthetically, the sleek design of the Quantum One is really eye-catching, with the JBL logo prominently displayed on both earphones. Plugging in the USB mixer and seeing them light up with every color on the spectrum only made them even more impressive. We only wish that feature would come across when wearing them on console, but as it stands the USB mixer won’t work Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

In fact, that’s probably the biggest issue we had with the JBL Quantum One headset: it’s compatible with all consoles, but it’s not as stable and doesn’t sound as good as it does when used with a PC.

That said, the 3.5 mm headphone jack will allow for voice chat on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (not the Nintendo Switch), but we experienced far more technical issues on the console than when we had the USB mixer plugged into the PC.

Sound Quality

JBL Quantum One - Sound Quality

These headphones deliver a well-balanced listening experience overall, with even, accurate bass and mids, so no part of what you’re listening to will be overwhelmed by one part of the mix. That said, if you prefer a little more punch in your listening experience, the JBL Quantum Engine companion software does have a graphic EQ and presets to customize their sound profile.

The bass accuracy of these headphones is excellent. Bass sounds deep, punchy, and full-bodied without any boominess or muddiness. Video game sound effects should be heard with an appropriate but not overwhelming level of thump and kick. However, bass is heavily reliant on these headphones positioning and fit, so your own listening experience might vary significantly.

The JBL Quantum ONE provide outstanding mid accuracy. Vocals, lead instruments, and dialogue sound clear, well-balanced, connect your wireless, and present.

These headphones have good treble accuracy. They do a decent job of following our target curve, but a slight bump in the low treble range might cause higher-pitched vocals and instruments to sound a little piercing and overly bright. That said, treble accuracy can vary significantly between listening sessions due to their poor frequency response consistency.

These headphones have alright stereo imaging. The weighted group delay has a slight bump in the low-bass and early mid-bass range, but nothing other than that exceeds the audibility threshold, which should ensure a tight bass and transparent treble. The L/R drivers are mostly well-matched in terms of frequency and amplitude response as well, with a low phase mismatch. This allows for a more immersive listening experience, as they do a decent job of localizing objects. That said, the results we obtained are only valid for our test unit, and your device may perform differently.


JBL Quantum One - Microphone

The Quantum One’s microphone sounds very good in a quiet room, but it can pick up some outside chatter. While the headset itself has active noise cancellation for the headphones, it doesn’t do much to block out noise from the mic. Test recordings sounded clear and clean, but they caught some very slight noise from a nearby TV. It’s a solid microphone, but it isn’t quite as crisp as the mic on the Razer Kraken Ultimate.


JBL Quantum One - Connectivity

The JBL Quantum ONE come with a 1/8″ TRRS cable as well as a 9 ft USB-A to USB-C cable with an in-line channel mixing remote, which might be a hassle to get to if you sit a long way from your PC or PS4 console. Their USB audio latency is quite low, so even competitive gamers shouldn’t notice a delay.

JBL Quantum One

In conclusion, The JBL Quantum ONE is a versatile headset that works for every gaming format, but because of the accompanying USB audio mixer, it’s a better PC headset than a console one. That said, crisp sound, easy-to-use accessories, and a comfortable fit on the ears give this headset a lot of bang for its buck.



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