JBL Quantum 800 Gaming Headphone Review

JBL Quantum 800 Gaming Headphone Review

The JBL Quantum 800 are okay wireless gaming headphones. Unlike most other gaming headphones, they have active noise canceling feature that does a great job of helping to cut down bass noise like the sound of bus or plane engines. They support Bluetooth as well as non-Bluetooth wireless, and their customizable RGB lighting around their ear cups gives you more customization over their style. However, the rest of their design looks and feels a little cheap due to their plasticky build. With both the RGB lighting and ANC on, the battery also lasts a few hours less than the advertised 14-hour battery life. Their boom microphone also performs better when using the included 1/8″ TRRS cable, and your voice sounds clear, although lacking depth and fullness. It can separate voice from background noise, but it struggles a bit more in loud environments.

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JBL Quantum 800 Gaming Headphone Review

Design & Build Quality

JBL Quantum 800 - Design

The Quantum 800 is sleek and dark, covered in matte gunmetal and black plastic. The back of each earcup holds a circular textured panel with the JBL logo, which lights up with customizable colored lighting when the headset is on. Metallic, reflective dark gray plastic frames the light-up panels. The left earcup holds the flip-down boom mic, a foam-covered capsule mounted on a stiff but bendable black rubber arm.

The earpads are padded with a generous amount of memory foam, wrapped in soft faux leather. The underside of the headband has lighter padding but similarly supple faux leather. The result is a soft, snug over-ear fit that should be comfortable for long gaming sessions, with strong noise isolation that enhances the headset’s active noise cancellation.

A power switch and a Bluetooth pairing button sit on the bottom edge of the right earcup. All other controls and connections sit along the back and bottom edges of the left earcup, including a USB-C port for charging, a 3.5mm input, a mic mute button, a volume wheel, a game/chat balance wheel, and an active noise cancellation button. USB and 3.5mm cables are included, along with the USB transmitter.

The USB transmitter is a 2.4-inch-long black plastic stick that terminates in a USB plug. It’s a bit large for a wireless dongle, though it’s skinny enough that it should fit in most crowded ports. An indicator LED sits on the top next to a JBL logo, with a connect button on the side.

According to JBL, the Quantum 800 can last up to 14 hours with the lights disabled. Your use will vary depending on the volume level you use and whether you keep the lights on.

Sound Quality

JBL Quantum 800 - Sound Quality

Of course, perhaps the most important thing to consider is the overall sound quality — and the headset sounds great. That said, it’s not the most natural-sounding headset out there, so those looking for a supernatural frequency response may want to keep looking. Still, for most gaming, the overall sound will be more than appropriate.

The bass response, for starters, is strong and think, without going over the top. When it comes to listening to music, kick drums can easily make their way through a mix, while in gaming, the result is full-bodied explosions that should sound realistic.

The mids are a little scooped, and while that means you won’t get a totally natural sound, it still generally sounds great. There’s a good amount of warmth in the low mids, while the high mids are brought back a little in the mix. At times, that means that teammates’ voices may be a little tucked away, but considering the fact that you can mix in chat volume in many games anyway, that shouldn’t matter.

The highs here sound great. There’s plenty of clarity and detail to go around, and the result is a generally exciting listening experience. You would expect a good high-frequency response from a headset in this price range, but it’s still nice to hear in person.

Battery Life

JBL Quantum 800 - Battery life

The JBL Quantum 800 has an unremarkable battery performance. They’re advertised as having 14 hours of continuous playtime, but that’s with the RGB lighting and ANC off. If you have both features on, they last about eight hours, which is quite a bit lower. They also fully charge in just over an hour and a half.


The mic does a great job, coming in with Discord, Teamspeak, and Skype certification. Other than the easily-lost furry mic shield, it’s exactly what you need when you’re heading online to chat with friends and enemies alike.


JBL Quantum 800 - Connectivity

These headphones have alright Bluetooth connectivity. They can’t pair with multiple devices at once and they don’t have NFC pairing, which is a little disappointing. That being said, their latency on PC and Android is fairly low when streaming YouTube videos while their iOS latency is slightly higher. However, some apps and devices tend to compensate for latency differently, so your mileage may vary in real-world usage.

JBL Quantum 800

In conclusion, The JBL Quantum 800 is okay for wireless gaming. They’re fairly comfortable headphones that come with customizable RGB lighting. However, as they’re heavy, their weight may become a little fatiguing if worn for long gaming sessions. Thanks to their USB dongle, you can play wirelessly on a PC and PS4. It’s worth noting that we tested the boom microphone using its 1/8″ TRRS cable, which produced better results than when used wirelessly. When wired, voices sound clear, although lacking fullness.



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