JBL Free X True Wireless Stereo Review

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The JBL Free X is decent truly wireless in-ears. They are virtually identical to the JBL Free in nearly every respect. They have a compact earbud design that should be comfortable for most but may not fit everyone equally well. They have a decent, well-balanced sound and are suitable for most music genres. They also have great isolation and do a decent job at blocking out noise. Unfortunately, like many truly wireless earbuds, their battery is mediocre, and they have a disappointing integrated microphone. They also have worse latency than most Bluetooth headphones, which won’t be great for watching video content and gaming.

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JBL Free X True Wireless Stereo Review


JBL Free X - Design

As you might expect from a set of wireless earbuds, the JBL Free X is an ergonomic pair of earphones designed for in-ear use. The Free X are beautifully angled and comes with a choice of gel pads and earplugs to choose from. The range of JBL Free X accessories that come with earphones means that you can get a perfectly secure hold in your ear. If you’re the kind of person who likes to listen to music on the move, then you’re going to love these.

At the same time, the Free X is surprisingly comfortable. The low weight of 7 grams on each side is barely enough for you to notice. Unlike some of the other wireless earbuds on the market, which are extremely obvious, the JBL Free X is discreet and simple. These are the kind of earbuds you’ll love if you’re searching for something that’s not going to draw too much attention.

Additionally, the water-repellant properties of the product mean that they’re great for wearing outdoors too. Breathable and convenient, it’s hard to find anything to complain about when it comes to the design of the JBL Free true wireless earbuds.

Sound Quality

JBL Free X - Sound Quality

The extended frequency response of the in-ears from 10 – 22,000 Hz offers powerful basses that extend into the low bass range and an appealingly clear, airy sound without any noticeable drop in the highs. The overall sound is harmonious and round, has a warm sound character, and, in view of the existing bass foundation, also makes listening fun with hip-hop, R’n’B, and electronic music. Since mid and high are not dominated by well-defined bass and a spacious stage is offered, there is great stylistic flexibility. The Free X is also suitable for alternative and rock, pop, soul and jazz, and classical music. In this respect, the system is ideal as an all-rounder with a convincing sound quality, which also has no low output.

Battery Life

JBL Free X - Battery

The JBL Free X has a mediocre battery. They provide 3.4 hours of continuous playback and their case provides 5 additional charges, which results in an estimated total of 20 hours of battery life if you place them in their charging case when not in use. Their battery should last you a full day of use if you take breaks to charge them, but they won’t be ideal for long periods of continuous use.


JBL Free X - Controls

When it comes to controlling your JBL Free X, they have two buttons on each earbud. The right earbud will allow you to play or pause your music, answer calls, and trigger your voice assistant. The left earbud allows you to skip tracks or go to the previous track. The controls are simple to use and nice to have. The one downside to the JBL Free X is the volume control. You cannot control the volume on your earbuds with the earbuds. The only way to change your volume is by pulling your phone out.

One pleasant thing that you can do with your earbuds is your phone’s voice assistant. Not all wireless headphones allow you to access your voice assistant but JBL Free X does. With the press of your right earbud, you can control your voice assistant, or you can simply say “Hey Siri” into your bud.


JBL Free X

The JBL Free X has an integrated Bluetooth microphone with the poor recording quality. LFE (low-frequency extension) is at 470Hz and HFE (high-frequency extension) is around 3KHz, which means that speech recorded or transmitted with this microphone will sound thin, lacking a bit of detail, and noticeably muffled. However, it will still be relatively easy to comprehend, since speech intelligibility is mostly dependent on the 500Hz-4kHz range.


The JBL Free X connect to other devices via Bluetooth. They do not support NFC or multi-device pairing but they do auto-connect to the last paired device when you take them out of their charging case.

The JBL Free X has terrible latency and performs significantly worse than most Bluetooth headphones. With 336ms of latency, they are not suitable for watching movies or gaming.

JBL Free X

In conclusion, Decent for most use cases. They have a balanced sound for critical listening, a stable yet comfortable fit for sports, isolate noise fairly well for commuting, won’t leak too much sound at the office, and are overall comfortable and portable truly wireless in-ears. On the downside, however, they don’t have volume controls, which isn’t very practical. They also have very high latency, which makes them less-than-ideal for watching TV or movies, and have an inadequate microphone for multi-player gaming.



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