Easy Ways to Be a Good Mother- Mom tips you really need

Easy Ways to Be a Good Mother

For all the mothers out there who want to improve their parenting strategies, let us share some Easy Ways to Be a Good Mother or even the best mom for your precious children.

Your best is good enough

Your best is good enough
Easy Ways to Be a Good Mother

We all strive to do our best, but the problem begins when we feel like our best isn’t good enough.

No matter what we do, we might feel that our efforts come up short, but just think for a minute about how your son or daughter sees it, especially while they’re young.

Do you think they will see that mom never had the money to buy them the Halloween costume they wanted? No, instead they will remember the fun times they had helping you make their costumes, even if those costumes never turned out exactly right.

Kids won’t remember the things that they had, but they will remember the memories that you create together.

Limit their exposure to gadgets

Most kids these days are stuck with cellphones, computers, and other gadgets—which can be harmful to their well-being. This phenomenon is blamed by experts to be one of the culprits of obesity, poor social skill, and even mental problems, like depression, among Generation Z children.


Stop these from happening to our kids by limiting their gadgets and internet exposure. Instead, let us encourage them to meet with friends, play more outdoor games, and participate in physical activities.

Don’t Pressure Them To Achieve Something

Don’t Pressure Them To Achieve Something

Yes, it would be great if our kids would always top their classes and bring home medals. However, not all children are academically inclined. If we pressure them to get perfect scores all the time, they might end up hating school with low self-esteem due to failing our expectations.

Instead of using pressure, let us encourage our children to love learning and value excellence. Explain to them the benefits of getting good grades and participating in class rather than scaring them with punishments and scolds for not doing well.

Allow them to explore

If we want our kids to grow up independent, smart, resourceful, and creative, then we should let them explore their environment. Let them play in the woods, meet new people, have summer jobs, join field trips, and go camping.

Yes, it is possible that there will be heartaches, failures, disappointments, and even dangers along the way. However, if we would not allow them to be exposed to these, how could they be ready for the harsh reality of life? The best that we can do is guide and supervise them on these adventures.

Communication to your kid

Don’t Pressure Them To Achieve Something

Communication is key when we are trying to figure out how to be a good mom. Regardless of how much your child does or doesn’t talk to you, communication is about much more than the number of words that come out of your child’s mouth.

It’s about being actively involved in their interests. Spend some time listening to your son’s music or sit and play video games.

Just realize that knowing what interests your child has will give you an insight into him that you never would be able to have otherwise, even if you try to spark a conversation with him.

No matter if you are busy if your kids start talking to you (especially those teenagers) listen. This is when they might need you the very most.

Instill discipline into them

In connection to no. 4, it is important that we make our children understand the need for discipline. Personally, I believe that a little spanking can help kids grow up more responsible. We should also use conditioning to train them up, like giving them a reward for getting good grades at school or not allowing them to play outside unless they have helped clean the house.

Pray for them regularly

No matter how much we give our best, we will never be perfect moms. We cannot protect or provide for our children for the rest of our lives. The most powerful thing that we can do is to pray for them daily. God can do so much more for our children—even beyond what we can ask for.

Put your phone down

Don’t Pressure Them To Achieve Something

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to the park and seen every parent sitting on the bench on their phone, or pushing their kid on the swing while looking on their phone,” says Tesse Struve, founder of Millennial Mom Coaching “It’s so easy to get caught up in our technological world, but it’s so important for our kids’ development to have a mom that is present and at the moment with them. You both will have so much more fun and you will show your kid what you already know: that you enjoy being with them!”- Easy Ways to Be a Good Mother!



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