Best Things to Do in Tampa, Florida

Best Things to Do in Tampa

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Tampa, Florida’s largest city in West Central Florida, has long been a favorite vacation destination. Because of its diverse population, the city features a number of distinct neighborhoods, each with its own distinct identity. The downtown area and riverwalk, which are home to museums, theaters, and parks, are some of the top things to do in Tampa, while Ybor City is known for its vibrant bar scene and nightlife. Many of the Best Things to Do in Tampa, Florida and amusement parks are located north of town, with the world-famous Busch Gardens serving as the city’s prominent tourist attraction.

Glazer Children’s Museum

Glazer Children’s Museum

The Glazer Children’s Museum, along with the Tampa Riverwalk and Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, is located in the heart of the city. It’s a terrific museum with an incredible collection of interactive exhibits ranging from art and the human body to science, math, and technology.

The vibrant children’s museum, which opened in 1986, is now housed in a state-of-the-art facility in the Waterfront Arts District. It features over 170 hands-on displays and activities, as well as several themed sections where children may experiment and engage. There is an outstanding Engineers’ Exhibit where youngsters may create and build to their hearts’ delight, in addition to exploring the bank, boat, and fire station parts.

Adventure Island

Best Things to Do in Tampa, Florida- Another of the city’s biggest attractions, the wild and wet Adventure Island, is located near the famed Busch Gardens. The water park is just a 20-minute drive northeast of downtown and is one of the best places to cool off and splash around.

It has been a local and tourist favorite since it first opened in 1980, because of its several pools and waterslides. A long lazy river, man-made beaches, and a wave pool, as well as other splash areas and slides, can be found among the lush tropical-themed grounds. There are additional sections with outdoor cafes and ice cream kiosks where you may sunbathe or play volleyball.

Tampa Bay History Center

Tampa Bay History Center
Best Things to Do in Tampa, Florida

The Tampa Bay History Center is located along the Tampa Riverwalk in the vibrant Channelside District and is a must-see for anybody interested in learning about the city, state, and bay’s history. Innumerable objects and exhibits span the museum’s three floors, spanning over 12,000 years of local history.

While some portions focus on the bay’s original inhabitants, others take a closer look at Spanish conquistadors, powerful Floridian leaders, and Cuban cigar workers. Its galleries are a delight to explore, with stunning displays and fascinating artifacts hidden around every corner. There are instructive videos and activities to enjoy in addition to browsing the massive collection of maps and enormous assortment of interactive displays. There’s also a museum cafe and gift shop on the premises.

Henry B. Plant Museum

Best Things to Do in Tampa- The huge and stately Henry B. Plant Museum is located just across the Hillsborough River from the city center. The building’s gorgeous antique-filled interior, which was formerly a luxury resort, now depicts how the wealthy lived and vacationed during the Gilded Age.

The hotel, which was built in 1891 by railroad magnate Henry Plant, features Moorish Revival-style architecture with gleaming silver minarets and cupolas lining its rooftop. The interior is as enticing, with opulent furnishings and historic items adorning the apartments. Exhibits also cover the hotel’s history and its previous owner. The National Historic Landmark, which is now part of the University of Tampa, offers beautiful grounds and gardens with fountains, flowerbeds, and statues.

Big Cat Rescue

Big Cat Rescue

While there are many fantastic animal-related tourist sites in Tampa, the Big Cat Rescue is without a doubt the best spot to observe lions, tigers, lynxes, and leopards. Over sixty amazing animals wander the wildlife sanctuary’s large cages, which are designed to imitate their natural habitat.

The refuge has taken in injured, abused, or abandoned wild cats of various sizes and shapes since 1995, providing them with care and a safe place to live. You can learn about the exotic creatures, their habitats and behavior, and the work Big Cat Rescue performs to protect and preserve them during excursions through the complex. In addition to witnessing bobcats, jaguars, and ocelots up close, tourists can participate in tours where they can feed or photograph them, as well as midnight safaris.

Ybor City

Best Things to Do in Tampa- Ybor City, a historic district with plenty to see and do, is just a short drive northeast of downtown. It is now a vibrant area, with countless art galleries and unique boutiques alongside cafes, restaurants, and microbreweries. It was once the heart of the city’s cigar industry, but it is now a vibrant area with countless art galleries and unique boutiques alongside cafes, restaurants, and microbreweries.

Its red-brick factories attracted hundreds of immigrants from Cuba, Spain, and Italy when it was founded in the 1880s. Despite the fact that the cigar industry has long ago died out, the neighborhood remains the core of Tampa’s Latino culture. It features excellent Cuban cuisine, salsa clubs, and flamenco nights. While the region is known for its eating and entertainment, it also boasts some beautiful architecture and interesting historic sites to see. A National Historic Landmark District has been established.


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