Best Things to Do in Sioux City- The State of Iowa

Best Things to Do in Sioux City

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Sioux City, Iowa, remains captivating throughout the year, with in-house museums to keep you warm in the cold winter, and loads of trails, hills, and waterfronts to explore the rest of the year. . Sioux City also has one of the best indoor trampoline parks and laser arenas in the state. If you’re looking for the top things to do in Sioux City, you won’t be disappointed by this Best Things to Do in Sioux City list.

Get lost in the serenity of Trinity Heights

Trinity Heights
Best Things to Do in Sioux City

Trinity Heights is a huge church with a serene atmosphere. It has a 30 feet sculpture of the sacred heart of Jesus, Carmel Mary, The Last supper, and many other beautiful sculptures.

They have a lot of space to walk around and benches to relax and meditate. It is surrounded by many trees, birds, and gardens. It helps to rejuvenate your spirit. They also conduct mass in the morning and the chapel is always open.

Do not forget to visit the shop they have many different things which you can add to your collection or even gift someone.

Sertoma Butterfly House & Marine Cove

Go to the Sertoma Butterfly House & Marine Cove to see a combination of wildlife. The Butterfly House is a balmy 80 degrees with 800 butterflies floating around the 3,600 square feet of space.

Unlike some butterfly houses, though, you won’t just see the little insects that are native to South Dakota. Instead, you’re treated to species from all around the world, including Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Australia.

On the other side of the complex is the Marine Cove, where there are likewise hundreds of coral and fish. You can even touch a bamboo shark or a stingray!

Hiking at Stone State Park

Hiking at Stone State Park

Best Things to Do in Sioux City. Stone State Park as the name suggests is the state park of Iowa. It is near the Sioux River and Dorothy Peacaut Nature Center. They also have a picnic area with grills and tables. It is also an ideal place for hiking, trails, camping, picnic, and many more activities.

You can spot deer, turkeys, red foxes, coyotes, owls, butterflies, and many other wild lives. It predominantly has Oak trees. It feels as if you are amidst a forest. Make sure to keep your gadgets charged to record your adventurous trip.

Go to Church

The Cathedral of Saint Joseph is more than a place of worship — it’s also a civic landmark that you can tour. Self-guided tours are available in the mornings and afternoons, and a guided tour can be arranged a week in advance.

The exterior makes it stand out in its surroundings, and the interior really shines with amazing architecture, sculptures and more, very reminiscent of the same cathedrals that you would find in Europe. Visitors rave about the magnificent pipe organ and the stained glass.

And, if it’s your thing, you can get the full effect by attending a mass.

See Some Outside Art in Sioux Falls ScultpureWalk

See Some Outside Art in Sioux Falls ScultpureWalk

The Sioux Falls ScultpureWalk is a collection of sculptures displayed all through the year downtown.

Artists contribute for one year, and then the sculptures go up for sale (so if you see anything you like, take note!). This year, there are 56 sculptures in total, and you can download a map to make sure that you see them all.

However, the large majority line Phillips Avenue, near the Big Sioux River, making it super-easy. The various sculptures range in subject matter and artistic styles, but you want to keep an eye out for the adorable dog and deer, flying pigs, and the beautiful buffalo.

Also, though technically not part of the SculptureWalk, as you make your way around downtown, be sure to look for the Michelangelo recreations, including those of David and Moses.

Stroll around the Anderson Dance Pavilion

Anderson Dance Pavilion is open to visitors all year-round. The best time to visit this pavilion is summer. During summer this place is filled with vibrant color and sweet-scented flowers.

They also conduct many private events like weddings, concerts, and parties. Around the pavilion, there are wooden benches, circular walkways, grassed terraces, and many more. It has a view of the river and bridge.

Enjoy a Concert

Enjoy a Concert

Be sure to check the upcoming lineup at the Denny Sanford Premier Center while you put together your Sioux Falls itinerary! There’s always something interesting going on, whether you do indeed want to see a concert, or you’d rather check out a sporting event or even a rodeo.

Some of the upcoming performers include Chris Tomlin, Foo Fighters and the Kidz Bop Kids.


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